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  Wegg with Maxi

I will act as your host during your stay.

I spent most of my career in the Marketing/Advertising business but at various times ran businesses as a Landscape gardener and ran a Wine Bar/Bistro in Central London.

I first came to South Uist over 20 years ago, and came most years thereafter fishing out of Lochboisdale Hotel, which in those days had sole rights over the “Estate fishing”. Over that time, I got to know the island and its lochs very well.

I bought Kinloch some 10 years ago and have been running the house as an accommodation provider ever since.

I have also fished and stayed in a wide range of Hotels, lodges and camps in Scotland, Russia, Cuba, South Africa, Tasmania, Slovenia, Austria and the Bahamas so have a very clear idea of what anglers expect from a fishing holiday.

In the winter of 2006, I had a major trip to Patagonia fishing for brown trout, indigenous rainbows and char, I have been back for the last 5 years.

My offer from Kinloch is based on the best of this experience.

Whilst not a qualified instructor, I have considerable experience of teaching beginners to cast and fish and indeed helping them catch their first fish. Loch Druidibeg, at the bottom of the garden, is the ideal venue on which to catch that first Brown Trout.

I can hire out tackle as required, but would recommend you to the Tackle and what to bring section of this site.


Whilst there is some very fine bank fishing on the island, (I would strongly recommend you to bring lightweight chest waders) a boat is key to cover the best water on most of the finest lochs.

A small number of highly experienced ghillies are available on the island and use of their services should be arranged well in advance of your visit.

I am an extremely keen fisherman and am committed to showing you the very best of the fishing - this can often entail pre breakfast and post dinner outgoings. Too often visiting anglers miss out on the best times of the day for fishing or bird watching - meal times can be organised around these activities rather than the other way around!